My College Top 10

This is a list of the top 10 songs I listened to during my time in college. If you know me, my real list would be at least 40, plus the fact that I still have  a whole year left, but imma try to slim it down the best way I can. Hope yall enjoy it.

10)Rick Ross- Rich Off Cocaine

Sorry y’all,  I was on my hood shit. I like the musicality of the song, plus I used the same sample in one of my beats. Wish the subject matter was different but forgive me. At least he does admit that “Sellin dope aint right, I but that on my life”

9)Big K.R.I.T – Hometown Hero

This man is a beast. I know I fucks wit conscience rap the most, but I will always have a big space in my heart for that country shit. This space was a toss between this song, another Big K.R.I.T song called “Dreamin”  and a Young Jeezy song called “Talkin” (Thats my shit!) But I gave it to this one in the end. Big K.R.I.T is great mix of lyricism and that southern flow. This song blasted in my speakers on repeat hella nights. I dare you to listen to this song and not walk like you King Kong out here.

8)Drake – Closer

“Mr…. Big….. Dreams….No….Tolerance/ cut you at the house and havent hollered since”.

In my opinion, Drake’s best song of his most lyrical mixtape, Comeback Season.

 If you ever seen me and it was looking like i was in my own world rappin to myself, it may have been this song. “Ex girl strippin, I cant stop her/ New girl trippin, but I cant drop her/ cuz I need something to balance out the fact/ that its hard to find a women when you talented and black” LETS GO!

7)Blu – In Rememberance

Top 5 rappers of our era, and most don’t know about him. My nigga Dave put me on in 09′, so I was late too. To give you an idea of how good he is, Lupe Fiasco referred to Blu  and Eminem as the only rappers he is scared of competition wise. This choice was between this song and “Cold-Hearted” but the whole Below The Heavens (entirely produced by Blu’s partner in crime, Exile)  is a complete hip-hop classic. Check it out if you are a hip-hop head

6)Ciara – I Run It

Yeah…..before you call me a freaknasty, just remember, I’m from Chicago. Slow grindin is a way of life in Chi-Town. While yall play GoGo, fast paced Baltimore club music, and whatever’s hot on the radio, we play a third of whatever’s hot on the radio, new music from local artists, footworkin music, and lots and lots and lots of babymakin music. This is an example of the latter.

5)Kid Cudi – Man On The Moon

This song and his song “Prayer” off of A Kid Named Cudi could easily be interchangible, but I give this one the slight edge. Cudi will always be one of my favorite artists. His honesty, and artistic creativity is what makes him so good. I relate cuz in the same way I feel like people don’t come close to understanding me. This song is about how it you can feel lonely like you’re out of this world, but you can either take that as not fitting in or standing out in the crowd. You still keep movin and doin what you do.

4)Drake – Sooner Than Later

“You just changed your hair and it looks perfect….wish I was the first to let you know”………nough said.

3)Wale- Penthouse Anthem

If you lived in KD or Old Dorms with me first year, you prolly know this song by heart, and prolly, on several occasions, sung this song in unison with at least 5 people. Classic. Wale is a beast. “Artistic Integrity” and “Vacation For Ourselves” really opened my eyes to him, but this was the first year anthem….seriously

2)TiRon – For Your Smile

Some artists have a way of speakin directly to the experiences in your life. TiRon is one of them for me. I like him so much cuz he is so real. He isn’t your typical “I get money, I get every girl I want” rapper. Just as much as you can get a song from him about how he is a confident lyricist, you can get one about how he stepped to this girl and she rejected him, how he was put in the friend zone and got his heart broken, how he broke a girl’s heart tryna be cool, how he spent his rent money on some new kicks, how he grew up in LA but is from the Chi (yeah you know I had to), how he’s kinda famous but not really, how great his day was just chillin watchin the sky, etc. He is as genuine as it gets.

1)Dream – Fancy

To some, this choice might be unexpected. If you know me, you already know that it isn’t for me. I just really enjoy this song alot. It takes me to another place. The smoothness of the beat is amazing (and the way it knocks in the last four bars), and The Dream is one of my favorite artists in general. I think his lyrics capture the “simple but profound” balance aspect of art that all artists and producers strive for. There were times in my dorm where I would turn this on repeat, and play it til I went to sleep while I was texting this girl I liked.  It was the most played song on my iPod. Don’t read too much into it tho, because like the other songs in this list (but especially this one), I didnt articulate fully why I like the song because it would take too long.

But yeah that was my list. Thanks yall

We Out Here,

Josh A

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