The Decision: Good Dude Vs. Bad Boy – Pros And Cons 4 Each

Imma just get right to it


CONS: You are writing yourself a check that you will have to cash one day. That may be close or far away; you actually might not even notice it came until you are 40 with 4 kids by 4 baby mommas who each have another kid with another baby daddy, no wife, still tryna buy out the bar at the club, and make it rain.

All the not caring, smashin and dashin, emotional shallowness you have/had, the lies, the games most likely will back fire on you. Your reputation will precede you in a bad way, even for a period of time after (if) you make the change for the better. You will lose the girl of your dreams just cuz you was still tryna get side sex. You wont have any of the emotional tools or experience to be able to handle a real relationship when it comes. You will be unable to commit, and lose out on the one thing that every person on earth yearns for: true love.

PROS: You will get ASS………..lots of it

Main reason: You treat girls the way they want to be treated, not how they say they do. You play the “game”, which as much as both girls and boys try to avoid it, the “game” seems to always work itself into the relationship. You are aware (or maybe not, it actually doesn’t matter) that assholes get the girl (not all girls at all the times, but there will always  be a girl who likes an asshole. It’s science). . Even if they heard from their friends that you smashed half of the girls at school, they will want to see what its like to be half + 1. You stay on their mind. They will believe everything you say, and even in the event that you mess up or lie, they will give you the benefit of the doubt because they swear they can change you. You appeal to their innermost desires, with your swag, and “I don’t give a flying f*uck” attitude. They think it’s sexy that you “seem” like you don’t care about them (even though you actually don’t). You are the quintessential “I can have my cake and eat it too” situation. You are the man that has what both what they want, and they can change you into what they need. The reason why they like you is alot more complicated than we know, because you probably manipulated them and played with their hearts to get what you wanted. But regardless of your intentions, what you do works.


CONS: You ever heard of the phrase “instant gratification”…..That mess aint crackin over here bro. This is gonna be a period of your life that will start without you noticing and last longer than you consented it to. You will be the guy that girls lean on to complain about their boyfriend who treats them like crap, you will be the one that will pick up their self-esteem when it’s at its lowest, the one who gets “friendzoned” with the quickness, the one who girls will say “Hey brother” (when you are thinking in your head “Please don’t ever call me brother again, cuz if you gave me a chance, I would do some amazing, unforgivable, freaknasty thi……….u get the drift) the one who will talk to a girl every day, all day for  months only for her to tell you she never saw you as more than a friend, the one ironically described as “He’s such a nice guy…but he’s too (insert positive attribute), and the list goes on.

The main reason: You treat women how they (keyword) say they want to be treated…..thats were you started wrong. See you love women for their mind, body, and soul. To you, they are queens, and thats the end of the discussion. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But you do the wrong things man. You don’t respect the game,and the more you try to avoid the game, you get more checks in the loss column.

You call em too much, you treat em too well, you text back too quickly, you are accessible too much, they dont feel expendable enough, you’re not a hot topic in girl talk cuz you are too nice, you want to get to know them inside in out before you make a run a 2nd base, etc. She feels like she knows way too much about you, and there’s no more mystery. She feels that you like her way too much, any you don’t know “anything” about her. You dug the nice guy hole, and its too late to get out of it.

PROS: In the end, its worth it.

The analogy is simple “Live through hell to make it to heaven”

If you have the willpower to endure the “good-guy life” all the torture of lonely girlfriendless nights, the boy friend not boyfriend relationships, the teasing, the “brothering” or “friend-zoning”, the thinking of little jokes or acts of randomness to make her smile which she will use to justify that you are too (insert positive attribute) to be her man, the 2AM relationship/self-esteem counseling, the “her-sleeping-in-your-bed-cuz-she-feels-safe-with-you-but-as-she-is-next-to-you-all-you-can-think-about-is-giving-her-the-utmost-utter-fantastic-epic-bizness-of-her-life”, etc….

…..if you can survive all these things, you will come out as a strong, well-round, and flat out good man that women will stand in line for.

She will cherish all those little things that other girls didn’t. She will love you like you were the sun and she was the earth. She will thank God that she has a man who treats her better than she ever thought any man could. She will stare at you while you sleep, she will cook you dinner when you are exhausted from work  and not see it as being “submissive”, she will look at you as if no other man was in the universe. You will be the hero that deep down inside every man wants to be since he was a little boy, and the hero that every woman wants to have since she was a little girl. #HappilyEverAfterSwag

So in summary, the struggle will be completely, in every sense of the phrase, worth it.

So which one will you be?

We Out Here,

Josh A

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