How Mitt Romney Could Have Won The Presidency

First of all, congrats to President Obama for reclaiming his seat as the President of the United States!

Also, I applaud all the citizens who exercised their right to vote in this election. No matter who you voted for, the fact that you let your voice be heard is what matters the most. In this country we believe every single person can make a difference, and each of you did. I’m personally geeked and excited for the next four years.

I hope Obama keeps strong in his stalwart conviction to help people of all races, colors, sexual orientations, incomes, etc., and commits to improving on the things his administration needs to do better in this second term (one thing I did not like about this election is neither candidate talked about poverty here in the U.S. I understand the emphasis on middle class, but there were some voices that were resoundingly silent in this election. Hopefully the President will address some of those issues in his second term).

Now, with no further adieu, this is how Mitt could have won this election:

Move to the middle Right

-Strategically, it would have made more sense to appeal to middle voters who would sway to your side, not just energizing your constituency. As we all know, people who say they are independent or undecided often still have partisan tendencies. Many people would have still voted for Mitt if he moderated his views.

I do agree that he might have not gotten the GOP presidential candidate nomination if he didn’t conform to the far right. But shoot, since you did all that flip-flopping, you should have acted super far right and then switched it up on em. A lot of his peers and voters would have been mad, but I’m sure he still would gotten his Republican votes. Because for them, what’s the alternative? Switching to the left? Probably not, since many Romney supporters wanted Obama out at all costs.

But for many of us, Mitt’s views were just to extreme to one side. They didn’t allow for any grey area of understanding. While that is great for the people who believe in the same things as you and you can’t necessarily concentrate on changing the minds of the people who don’t, those citizens in the middle are the ones you want to aim at. A little more moderation would have been tremendously effective, especially toward women voters.

Speak for yourself

-If Mitt was fervently upholding his own personal morals and views in his campaign, then I applaud him for it, not matter if I agreed with them or not. But if he was the conservative puppet that many people felt he was, then that sucks for him. He sacrificed himself with the perception that that would win him the election. While it might have not worked for his father in the past, it might have worked for him now in 2012. Whether we voted for Obama or not, we all wanted to see the real Mitt and to see if he was a viable alternative. But all he showed us is that he could be a chameleon.

We wanted him to stand up against some of the pragmatic views of his party IF he disagreed with them. Because we just can’t buy that you never ever ever disagree with any political platform your party upheld. We can’t reconcile the fact that you are for us one minute, against us the next, divisive in your speech and then calling for unity the next, being totally abrasive then flipping to meekness, etc.

Basically, we felt no connection to you, because what you presented to us could not have been you. And if it was………………………………….

Shouldn’t have appeared so out of touch

-47% Mitt?……….C’mon man. And this talk about entitlements, when you were born rich……..have a seat. People feel like you have no idea, clue, indication, understanding, comprehension about how a normal, middle class American lives.

Also, don’t make us vote against Big Bird or Sesame Street. You lose that battle. You lose that battle 9 times out of 10.

If people wanted to use the race card, use it to your advantage

Many people believe that the only reason people voted for Barack Obama is because he is black. While we all know that that fact had something to do with it, it makes no sense to say that that is the only reason.

Mitt also said that he probably would be better off in this election if he were Hispanic…………….lol.

Don’t cry race card Mitt.

Let’s say this election was mainly about race: You are rich, white male, three things that regardless of what you think, give you a certain amount of privileges that people who aren’t in those three demographics don’t get. So the majority of Americans just simply will call you’re bluff if you pull the race card. BUT what you could have done is used to your advantage when others pulled the card.

Yes many people voted for Barack because he is black. As a black person in the U.S., I know I’m not supposed to say that, because people will completely twist those words. But I  don’t stray from the truth. People voted for Barack not as an act of charity or disdain for a white candidate, but as an act of hope. They want to believe that race is no longer the binding stricture that it once was. They want to believe that American capitalism is giving them an even playing field. While I don’t agree for one minute that America is “post-racial”, I do however think that most Americans want it to be. And many feel like electing a black president is on the big laundry lists of steps to make this country more egalitarian. There still is so much to be done in this country in regarding to race, but having a black president says a lot about the direction we are moving in.

With all that being said, Mitt should have distance himself from the race card. Don’t make sarcastic comments about how it would have been better for you if you weren’t white. Stop passively aggressive being silent about the racial fear-mongering that many of your even more conservative supporters engage in. Even if you didn’t say these things, distant yourself as far from these people as possible and even go as far as apologizing for them. Stop pointing fingers back, saying that people who say that an issue is about race by saying “why are you making this about race?” Stop coming across as if you speak to Obama with much less respect because he is black. Do everything in your power to make sure people realize that this presidential race is not about racial differences.

Convince us that you are the better person for the job because you are qualified to be, even though some of your radical constituents feel you are more qualified because you are white. Stop making comments like the 47% one, which is permeated with both class and racial implications. Accept the fact that it is unfair that the media often circles back to race in the majority of issues, whether it is justified or not. But two wrongs don’t make a right. STOP implying racism does not exist. STOP implying that the playing field is level, equal, and fair.

Be likable

-Mitt even said in his amazing 47% rant that he has to concentrate on those voters in the middle who might vote for someone solely based on likability.

While I don’t think that should be your main running point, I do acknowledge that it does play a big part. In public, most politicians want to show voters that they see them as empathetic, critical-thinking, unbiased, objective, open-minded people who are will to sacrifice in order to make life better for others. But behind closed doors, most politicians (while they would NEVVVVVVVVVER admit it) play on people’s apathy, first-impression mindset, biases, subjectivity, closed-mindedness, and willingness to sacrifice only an iota to snare their vote. Not saying that it’s right, but it’s still true.

And one thing is also true, while most of us voted for Obama for his policies, character, love for the people, commitment, honor, etc., but there are many who voted for him because they arbitrarily rather have him be the POTUS than Mitt.


-I can be short on this point. Watching this man in interviews and at the debates, my most common response to some of what he was saying was “wait…………………….what?”. He said so many half-truths or just flat out lies, it was kind of ridiculous. Mitt definitely would have gotten so many more votes if he simply was honest. What will you honestly do for the country? What do you honestly believe in? What are the facts?

If there ever was a truly honest politician, I would cry tears of joy.

Promised to keep what Barack did good, add things that you can do better

-The characterization of Barack as incompetent was just something that most people could not, would not, should not buy. The fact of the matter is that he did do a lot of good for the country, and Mitt should have concentrated more on what he could offer that was better, not how the President didn’t do anything. Talk about what you will do for the country, how your skill set and character will help the country more than the incumbent.


Although the country has decided to move in another direction, I wish nothing but much continued success, peace, and health to Mitt Romney and his family.

Now if you excuse me………… *hits Cat Daddy for Obama*.

We Out Here,

Josh A

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