Hip Hop’s Biggest Event: A Lil’ Wayne Mixtape?


If you’re a blogger, a fan or a critic of his music, you might’ve stayed a little bit too long for Lil Wayne’s highly anticipated Dedication 5 Mixtape to drop. Patiently waiting to check it out, I saw the wave of anticipation flood through the net, from mentions all over major social media to well over 60,000 pre-release comments on mixtape hub Dat Piff alone.

Before collapsing into my bed from not being able to wait any longer, I thought about the times myself and thousands like me Da_Drought_3_coverperched in front of a computer to click ‘download’ , and just how fast the internet literally crashes when Birdman Jr. drops a mixtape.

When Drought 3 came out my junior year of high school, you couldn’t get in anyone’s car with them blasting it away. I was in my dorm in undergrad when No Ceilings dropped, and by the time the next party happened, it was already on the playlist. And when Sorry For The Wait hit, I left my computer running in my dorm as I headed to class, but returned to see that it was still downloading (when I first checked the download count, it showed that SFTW had been downloaded 10,000 times within the first minute. Crazy!)

All this recounting made me think of one question: Is there any event in Hip Hop more anticipated than Lil’ Wayne dropping a mixtape?

I’m don’t think there is one. As a blogger, Lil Wayne songs, videos, and mixtapes always bring the more traffic to my site than any other artist. As a fan, the only artists I’ve witnessed have comparable hype are Kanye, Jay-Z, Drake, and Eminem. To be fair though, these major artists don’t drop mixtapes anymore, and the web anticipation and downloads that Wayne garner’s is more real-time than calculating sales numbers from stores and iTunes).

Lil_Wayne_No_Ceilings-front-largeWhat we can say is there are thousands excited for hear Wayne’s lighter flick, and witness some of the wittiest punch lines in the industry; his ability to go in on a beat so hard that you totally forget the original song by the artist he jacks it from.

If you’re like me, you’re also crossing your fingers hoping that Weezy reverts back to his earlier Carter 1-3 lyrical prowess, and away from his recent trend of copious amounts of felatio similes in one verse (also excited to see Chance the Rapper on there. We Out Here Chicago!). Or maybe you’re simply waiting to hear D5 so you can tell the world how mind-numbingly bad you think it is. Regardless of your reasons, there’s no debate about Wayne’s top-tier status in the game, and the immense hype that shrouds his mixtape releases.

Is there any artist’s free release more anticipated than Lil’ Wayne’s? Leave your answers and opinions on the question, and comments on what you think of D5 after your first listen. Amazing? Kanye shrug? Incredibly bad?

We Out Here,

Joshua Adams

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