Letter to DMX: Come Back To Us, Don’t Fight Zimmerman


Earlier this morning, CNN broke the news that a celebrity boxing match is scheduled to happen between mega-rapper DMX and acquitted murderer George Zimmerman. What makes this news even more evil is that it lands on the day of Zimmerman’s slain victim Trayvon Martin’s birthday.

This can’t be life….. Are we really going to help a man exploit the wrongful death of seventeen year old child for profit? I know there are plenty of people who would like to see him get pummeled (by anyone for that matter), but are we willing to give him money and more notoriety for it? What society are we in where people attempt to package racial tension, hatred, and divisiveness for sale to the highest bidder? I’m sure the fight won’t happen, due to the public outrage this announcement already has sparked and will continue to spark. But the fact that this sick idea from the heads of twisted men has even moved anywhere close to fruition is very disheartening, and throws even more disrespect at the life and death of Trayvon Martin.

I won’t waste much time talking about Zimmerman. The ship has sailed on me ever thinking he’s capable of being a decent human being. And I pray that anyone around him stays clear when karma comes round to collect. What makes me sad about this news is that DMX would even consider doing this. News of his financial woes, drug addiction, and continued run-ins with the law are well documented. But is his situation so dire that he has to resort to this insensitive foolery? As much as I have been inspired by him in this rollercoaster I call my life, I’m not down for this, in any way, shape, or form.

DMX is a troubled soul. We loved his music for that very reason, and we still do. His rhymes painted beautiful depictions of the duality of the human condition. His life story is one of immense highs and lows, tragedies and triumphs. He transformed the violence and negative energy of his upbringing into spectacular art. But the vicious cycle he is raptured into is keeping him from his calling. He is another example of those of us who are so scarred from the curses of life that we can’t stop to count the blessings.

I just want DMX to get back to making the music that made him the first artist ever to have his first five albums debut at number one on the Billboard charts. We all remember bangers like “Party Up” (Up in here!). I still feel like I can take on the world as soon as the first “STOP” drops in the “Ruff Ryder’s Anthem“. And though the comparison has always been unfair to him, DMX filled the spiritual and philosophical void in mainstream Hip Hop created from the death of Tupac Amaru Shakur. His music deeply expressed the gospel impulse of transcendence from despair through faith in a Higher Power. His pen scribbled rhymes of profound hope in the midst of suffering in songs like “Slippin” or “A Minute For Your Son“.

I want the old DMX back.

This is tragic. I would like to write more, but I just can’t. I can’t believe that I have to hear DMX and George Zimmerman mentioned in the same sentence. Nobody is perfect, but DMX was an inspiration on the mic. Just wish he would get back on his feet so he can tear shit up……..but he’s slippin’.

We Out Here,

Josh A

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    I discount the audacity of anyone who considers this murderer a celebrity in any sense.

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