Friend Zone vs. The “End Zone”

Why do people put good potential significant others in the “Friend Zone”? Is is fear of losing the friendship if the relationship fails? Is it you just don’t connect with that person on the most important levels? Maybe a little bit of both? It’s very complicated in a heterosexual situation, but the biggest issue that […]

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The Chris Brown & Rihanna Narrative

This story fascinates us, for a variety of reasons. And in the light of recent stirrings of the ex-couple rumored to be spending a lot of time together (and the picture posted on Rihanna’s Instagram about 30 mins ago with the caption “@fuckyopictures – Chris Brown – i dont wanna leave!!! Killed it tonight baby!!!), these reasons are presently […]

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Do I Believe In “The One”?

Yeah, I just used this post as an excuse to post that picture. ….She is bad…….sigh …..Anyway, I was having this convo wit my friend a few days before the end of classes, and I just recently started thinking about it again. As far as the question goes, my answer to that is kinda leaning […]

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