This is a beat-tape of dichotomies: humility vs. cockiness. On one side you have The Humble: the people who strive to become better, but are grateful for what they have. But sometimes, humble people make the mistake of diminishing their own light in order to make sure they don’t make others feel uncomfortable. Then there’s The Cocky; the inner voice that wants to yell “F*ck you, I’m the sh**!”, shouting it to everybody within the privilege that is your presence. But arrogance is often just a cover up for the insecurities, feelings of despair, and issues of self-doubt that we all struggle with. This musical journey is a story of the transition from humble to cocky, taking the best traits of both worlds along the way. The balance of knowing what you can do, being humble enough to know that you can always improve, but never dimming your light for others.

(For inquiries about purchasing beats, contact joshirockadams@gmail.com. Beats $20 individually and $100 for entire tape, but will negotiate if you send a budget.

Also, if you buy 3 beats at full price, I will make you an original one free of charge. Take Care & God Bless)


released 26 September 2012
Produced by Josh “iRock” Adams (Follow @iRockJoshA)
Mastering & Engineering by Owen Hill of “Milo & Otis”
(Follow @OtisWho)

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